Quality fruit and vegetables since 1983.

The Brun Gelmino company was founded in 1983 with headquarters in Pellegrina di Isola della Scala (VR) Italy, but since the 60s it has specialized in the transformation and processing of vegetables. It is present in all the agro-food centers of northern Italy and in some national MMR with the brands: Brun Gelmino - La Regina - Gli Orti del Re – El Duca – Piccolo Lord.

NR. 4056186876867

The main company Brun Gelmino holds the Global Gap Chain of Custody certification, and the associated companies are Global Gap certified.
Inspections are performed on product labeling, products are analyzed and other checks on food & health regulations are carried out.
Passion, care, product quality and company reliability distinguish Brun Gelmino and place it among the leading companies in the fruit and vegetable sector.

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